Take I-10 West to Litchfield Rd. - Head North and Continue 2 Blocks Just North of McDowell. We are located in The Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel In Goodyear, Arizona. Call 623.536.8614. Private tours available by appointment only.

Open 24 Hours - 365 Days A Year!

What People Say About The Bible Museum

“As a personal friend of the men who run
both Sotheby’s and Christy’s Auction Houses,
there is one thing that speaks volumes of
your reputation. Both of these institutions
when asked to refer me to a dealer of antique
and rare biblical material mentioned only one
website... greatsite.com. That tells me all
I need to know. I am very comfortable doing
business with you, and your collection
is amazing.”

Alex Peabody
Chicago Investments

“I have found Jonathan Byrd’s (at greatsite.com)
to be very helpful and resourceful. Their Bibles,
leaves, and facsimilies are always of exceptional
quality. And may I recommend a trip to Arizona
to visit Dr. Craig Lampe at their Bible Museum
and showroom, as he champions the stories of
Wycliffe, Luther, Tyndale, and others; his know-
ledge and passion will ignite your very heart with
a new appreciation of the Bible you hold in
your hands.

William Eubanks
Grand Prairie Bible Church
Grand Prairie, TX

“As a Christian and a businessman, I have
purchased rare Bibles from Jonathan Byrd’s
at greatsite.com, and I view these not only
as a good investment, but as a way for Chris-
tians to keep valuable pieces of our heritage
under our control.

R.G. Wilson, President Atlantic Bullion & Coin, Inc.

The Bible Museum - 2000 N. Litchfield Rd. - Goodyear, AZ 85338 - 623.536.8614
www.greatsite.com Email Us at contact@holylandpottery.com
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